Charlie Gard – FATHER is failing his family

The tragic story of Charlie Gard has gone on long enough. The Gard’s dilemma has been tackled on television, radio and print like some moral emotional puzzle for us all to solve and it is about time we recognise the important point.

The Father is failing his family.

The fact is; the father, Chris Gard has two jobs facing him.

Doctors at Great Ormond Street Hospital have already aided him in his first duty by explaining to the Mother that little Charlie should die with dignity. Instead, he is allowing himself and his wife to indulge in false hope and prolong their misery.

This is also the view of every court in the land. While it may be a contentious issue that the state has stepped to make parental decisions such as these – it should at least be reassuring to Chris that the law will support him in making the right choice.

The two-cents being publicly thrown in from every direction essentially say the same thing. No one of any rational sense has said the judgment by the courts is wrong and, of course while everyone expresses sympathy for the parents, no one has said what they are doing is right.

While we respect their right to choose, it is about time they chose right.

The second job for Chris is to get his wife pregnant as quickly as possible.

If the Gard’s cannot get pregnant then they should consider adoption or even getting a dog, maybe two dogs or three. Whatever Chris has to do; he must make sure his wife does not have a minute to spare to be miserable or depressed because she is too busy showering her love on her family.

It is not lost on me that this is easier said than done. I appreciate it takes great courage and bravery to be in his position. But it must be said; Chris Gard is making the wrong choices and he needs to start making the tough choices.

Importantly, Chris should realise that his current method of dealing with the situation by fighting in court, fundraising and making public appeals is allowing his son to be used as a political tool by the Pope and Donald Trump. Charlie deserves more respect than that.

Can anyone imagine that Trump just happened to stumble upon a heart wrenching British news story and was so touched that he felt compelled to offer his support?

Most Americans had never heard of Charlie Gard until Trump tweeted about him.

Do we really think Donald Trump is personally keeping up with domestic British news?

Or is it more likely he is trying to win over the sympathies of the British public before his imminent visit to the UK  in attempt to quell the mob of protesters rallied by the likes of, professional hysteric, Owen Jones?

It is about time the media, who care more about clicks and ratings than the Gard’s wellbeing, stopped using Charlie as a character in their public pantomime. It is about time we all stopped buying tickets to this misery.

It is time Chris did what is best for his family.


By Joe Audritt (@JoeAudritt)

One thought on “Charlie Gard – FATHER is failing his family

  1. Charlie Gard’s father and mother are courageous persons who have sought to save Charlie’s life, and others similarly situated. Charlie’s parents join those persons and doctors who favor doing everything which possibly could save a human life. In our history there were those who criticized the use of penicillin and other drugs and treatments. Such persons were ultimately proved to be misguided fanatics. Where as here, the decision is a matter of life or death, the presumption should be in favor of life, and a decision in favor of death should be beyond a reasonable doubt, and to a moral certainty. That burden has not been met here.


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