In Defence of Theresa May

Depending on which isle you sit the turnaround in Theresa May’s fortune since April has been either tragic or hilarious. From enjoying a poll rating higher that Margaret Thatcher in her heyday her popularity is now almost below unchartable levels.

If the election had been a championship boxing match May was set to knock out Jeremy Corbyn with the first punch she landed. Instead Corbyn proved far more durable than expected, able to roll with the punches and go the distance. In the end May was only able to scrape a very uninspiring split decision victory. While Corbyn won a moral victory with the crowd, May still walked away with a big gold championship belt.


Since being exposed in the election and the image of ‘strong and stable’ now shattered, the Left have been on the march to collect her head. Not only does she now have to contend with the wannabe socialist revolutionaries blaming her for everything from the Grenfell tragedy to recent terror attacks she now also has to deal with Boris Johnson frothing at the mouth at the thought of getting rid of her.

As the crowd of lit torches and pitchforks gathering outside her house while the eyes of those inside stare malevolently at her plotting, ‘Mayism’ has now become that of the underdog.

May has been granted the gift of having nothing to lose and it is time she realised it.

After the exhausting political hysteria of 2016 resulting from the Brexit vote and the election of Donald Trump it may be no surprise that the nation developed an affection for the ‘Maybot’ and her anti-charisma.

But Theresa May, while admittedly dull by design, does carry a twinkle in her eye that she should share with the nation more often. From making dirty jokes to trolling feminists May can be far more engaging than she herself probably gives credit.

At the very least May shouldn’t go without a fight, she should resolve to not leaving Number 10 without leaving a few scars on the arse of Tory plotters carved with a swing of her kitten heel.

The road ahead might not be entirely lonely for May after receiving some encouragement from Jacob Reese-Mogg – the only Tory that lefties would admit to liking – who pointed out that Thatcher lasted 10 years after facing a revolt from her party. It may not be much, but it is a start.

But while she can now afford to be far more courageous in defence of her position she has undoubtedly lost her prestige and this could be unrecoverable.

I do not know if it is possible for May to turn her fortunes back around, but I’m not convinced it’s impossible.

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