Owen Jones leads ‘May Must Go’ protest in Westminster


Crowds gathered in Westminster to protest the minority Conservative government’s confidence and supply agreement with the DUP last Saturday (17th June).




The rally was organised by Labour activist, Owen Jones, who urged the 2000 plus crowd to ‘take this government down.’

Referring to the recent tragedy in Grenfell and the failure to provide safe housing Jones declared: ‘The social order is bankrupt and it must end. It will end.’



Protesters joined in with chants of ‘May must go’ as well as singing what has become the Corbynista anthem: ‘Oh Jeremy Corbyn’ to the tune of Seven Nation Army by the White Stripes.



Police officers, including mounted police officers, oversaw the crowd gathered across the road from Downing Street. Fortunately the event ended peacefully.



The crowd held up imaginative anti-Tory placards as well as anti-DUP and pro-choice banners. The Communist Hammer & Sickle flag was also raised high above the crowd.



Speakers at the protest included, actor; Jolyon Rubinstein, Labour MP; Angela Rayner and dragqueen Amrou Al-Kadhi who performed a defamatory parody of Purple Rain by Prince.



Also speaking at the rally were representatives from activist groups; Unite Against Fascism, The Muslim Council of Britain and Momentum.


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