Why you should believe Assad used chemical weapons

So Assad flicks the proverbial V’s up at the West with a chemical attack on his own people and in response Trump reaches for the cane and spanks Assad with over four dozen cruise missiles.

By Joe Audritt

Far from being concerned that Donald Trump has managed to find the button that launches the missiles, suddenly the establishment are full of praise.

Oddly Donald Trump’s retaliatory firework display in Syria has been welcomed by the liberals. The same progressive people who told us he was a deplorable; white supremacist; misogynist; serial sex offending psychopath; who will bring about the collapse of western society are now pleased he is flicking lit matches at a pile of gunpowder in the middle east.

Meanwhile; the deplorable supporters of Trump are none too pleased with the sudden U-turn on his foreign policy.

Amongst the deplorable are those that claim the chemical attack was a hoax. Although there are also more rational people who are still a little bit dubious about the events.

Let’s rewind and take a look the situation.

The general public have been shown some pictures of unconscious Syrian children and been told that there has been a gas attack perpetrated by Assad before any meaningful public investigation has taken place.

The trust in the mainstream media is at such a low that when shown pictures of children being hosed down with water, the cynics amongst us have no way of knowing if this is the result of a chemical attack or this is just how they wash children in Syria.


Assad doesn’t seem to be short of conventional weapons, weapons that we have seen reduce Aleppo to rubble.

Anyone who has questioned why Assad would use chemical weapons has been derided as a conspiracy theory loon or an Assad apologist.

Rather than dismiss the questions, we should offer the answers, but let’s put aside the chemtrail blue sky thinking that keeps the likes of Infowars in business.

It appears to be undisputed that jets left from Syria’s Shayrat air base and headed for Khan Shaykhun, where flares from the attack were seen via American satellite.

The Russians claimed that it was indeed Syria that conducted the strike, but with conventional weapons, on a rebel controlled chemical factory which was the cause of the release of deadly sarin gas.

This maybe a theory capable of penetrating a tinfoil hat but has been described by experts as an ‘infantile argument’. According to experts the bombing of precursor chemicals held in a warehouse would not provide the mechanism necessary to produce sarin gas.

So why would Assad use chemical weapons – the very thing most likely to provoke retaliation from the West who appeared to have been warming to the idea of leaving him alone?

He may have been emboldened to do as he pleases when Theresa May and Donald Trump made a joint speech promoting the – let them all get on with it – approach to foreign policy. He might also have been encouraged when a US ambassador to the UN said dealing with Assad was no longer a priority.

After perhaps mistakenly believing to possess a license to defeat his enemies in any way he saw fit, he broke out the nerve gas.

Chemical weapons have the ability to instill fear in a way conventional weapons do not. Populations under fire from bombs can stubbornly stay put while the world around them turns to rubble and shrapnel. It is not only the British who can evoke the spirit of the blitz.

Nothing will clear a populous embedded with your enemy quite like polluting the very air they and their children breathe. For this reason; Assad did have an incentive to use nerve gas. As well as the necessary lack of empathy to order such a barbaric attack.

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