The Daily Mail is responsible for government policy? Who even reads the Mail?

By Joe Auditt

Regular listeners of The James O’Brien Show on LBC radio will be familiar with O’Brien’s conviction that the Daily Mail is currently responsible for government policy.

It is his assertion that polices made under the current Tory government are merely to appease the Mail and avoid unfriendly headlines.

Perhaps I am being naive, but I believe O’Brien is crediting the national printed press with far more power to manipulate the masses than the likes of the Daily Mail actually enjoy.

The fact is that readership of national newspapers has been in steady decline for years. Reading newspapers is increasingly becoming a retro activity and it will not take many more winters for the Mail’s ageing readership to disappear altogether.

Who is, amongst today’s millennials, going out to buy a paper when they have an infinite amount of information in their pocket for free?

The only contact I have to the Daily Mail is that I follow MailOnline on twitter. And even its tweets in my timeline are lost amongst a mountain of noise made by other feeds I have arbitrary followed.

The only time I even register MailOnline tweets is when they post news of a Z-List celebrity with daddy issues going for a pint of milk with her knockers hanging out of a low cut dress.

And whenever I see this sort of MailOnline nonsense I role my eyes, let out a sigh and think- what has the world come to? I then give the picture marks out 10 and go on about my day.

The only power the Mail holds, as far as I can tell, is the power to send pubescent boys scurring off to their bedroom to make a soggy addition to a crusty sock.

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