Radical Feminist Jess Phillips has no business being in government

by Joe Audritt

With the Labour party at its weakest in living memory and set to be decimated in the 2020 general election it could really use new leadership. Unfortunately, the only person prepared to throw their name in the hat is Jess Phillips – the man hating, chip on shoulder wearing, self described ‘radical feminist’ loon.

Justice Questions.png

Phillips, MP for Birmingham Yardley, quickly made headlines after being elected in 2015 for laughing at male suicide during a committee meeting.

As a potential leadership contender Phillips has hardly endeared herself to her colleges. Certainly not to Diane Abbot who she told to f*** off in a row over who was the better feminist. This row came after Phillips, unhappy with Jeremy Corbyn’s choice of cabinet which did not include enough women for Phillips liking, decided to berate Jeremy. This would be Jeremy’s very first introduction to the over-zealous Phillips.


Earlier this year Phillips published a book, just two years into her parliamentary career. To be fair to Jess she must not have taken too much of her valuable time writing the book if the Amazon reviews on the book are anything to go by.

Before becoming an MP, Phillips worked for Women’s Aid working with victims of domestic abuse. An important job any feminist worth her salt has spent time doing.

But what was this self-described radical feminist doing on International Women’s Day? Did she tool up and spend the day lynching wife beaters? Did she charter a boat and spend the day throwing rapists into the sea?


Instead she took to Twitter to promote her book.

Labour is currently the only British political party to have all-women short lists for party representation, a practice that Phillips has benefited from. This is quite possibly the only reason she has managed to become an elected MP. It is tempting to suggest a connection between all-women shortlists and the under performing Labour Party – but I shall resist.

During interviews Phillips does not shy away from singing her virtues – proudly proclaiming how funny, wise-cracking and approachable she is. I have seen no evidence of these traits. She can more accurately be described as obnoxious, hypocritical and borderline hysterical.

Her patronising tone is unlikely to endear her to men, or even women who actually have a healthy respect for men. “I understand the importance of making sure that men understand experiences” said Phillips describing how men cannot relate to the dangers of being victims of violence. A simply ridiculous statement to make since men are far more likely to be victim of violence on the streets.

While feminist fangirls from Huffington Post and The Guardian have taken a liking to Phillips and have given her a free pass during interviews, she will find the media become far more hostile if she is to stand for the leadership. Her ideas will crumble under scrutiny like a prawn cracker under the clumsy foot of a stumbling toddler and she will be exposed as a mere gobshite.

Jess reminds me of a woman who appears on Dragons Den pitching a business that sells hi-viz jackets for dogs or feminist naan bread and gets burned by the Dragons. The harebrained scheme has been funded by her husband who is happy to hand over the cash and stop her meddling in his own successful business.

She is likely to be trigger baited eventually by the media who will take great delight in judging her by her one and only outfit. Any subsequent squeals of sexism! are likely to further alienate her from an electorate increasingly hostile towards political correctness – bar a niche group of Social Justice Warrior yahoos.

Despite all this, I have to concede Jess Phillips has an energy about her that I admire and even envy, even if I disapprove of her using it simply to keep the chip on her shoulder warm. You can tell she is an incredible mother of two young boys who she will raise, along with their father, to be upstanding gentlemen and woe betide any women who should break the hearts of her boys.

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Jeremy Corbyn is not the problem. The Labour Party is the problem.

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