Good Morning Britain viewers call out Pie Eating PR Stunt 

Wayne Shaw, Sutton United reserve goalie, made headlines on Good Morning Britain (Tuesday) after eating a pie on the sidelines during a FA Cup Match against Arsenal.

Watch as Shaw steps forward into the lime light to take two bites of his pie:

Viewers of the show have brought into question the legitimacy of the news while others believe it was simply a PR stunt.

Shaw appeared in two separate segments of the popular morning show. On each occasion Piers Morgan went about his duties with all the enthusiasm he usually reserves only for Hollywood A-listers.

Shaw on GMB. Described by Susanna Reid as ‘Roly-Poly Goalie’

Morgan made a point of mentioning, each time, that bookmakers had odds on wether Shaw would be seen eating a pie during the game.

The bookmakers in question, Sun Bets, offered 8-1 odds on the reserve keeper sinking a pie during the game. Odds also on offer were 4-1 that Piers Morgan would call for Arsène Wenger to resign during the game. The offer was made via a tweet complete with a picture of Morgan sporting the grin of a man who has been the recent recipient of a fat wad of cash.

The Independent reported that Sun Bets sponsored Shaw’s shirt and also advertised around Sutton football ground for Arsenal’s visit.

The article by the independent suggests Shaw may have also broken FA betting rules with his antics.

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