Gender transitioning taught to 7-year-olds

by Joe Audritt (@JoeAudritt)

A book has been published entitled Can I Tell You About Gender Diversity?, aiming to teach children as young as seven about gender diversity and transgender issues.

The book tells the story of Kit, who starts the gender transitioning process with hormone treatment at the age of 12.

Author of the controversial work, CJ Atkinson, appeared on Good Morning Britain to discuss the book with Ben Shephard and Susanna Reid. When asked if a book like this needs to be given to school children Atkinson explain it is important to open up how people talk about identity terms.

Atkinson said: “We are assuming that all seven year old kids are not transgender, there is still the opportunity for them to learn that there are some people in the world who feel like this.”

When asked about her own identity Atkinson identified herself as gender queer “existing between male and female.”


Susanna stumbling over her words as she asks about the author’s personal identity

Shephard and Reid appeared to walk on eggs shells as they conducted the interview. One person who did not walk on egg shells however was Piers Morgan.

Morgan, who usually presents the show alongside Reid, took to Twitter on his day off to vent his frustrations with the topic being discussed on his show. He tweeted: “This ‘gender diversity’ debate on @GMB is enraging me & I’m not even there. Don’t confuse kids with this absurd PC nonsense.”

Despite his rage Morgan also tweeted to his editors at Good Morning Britain that they should have a further debate next week, presumably one he himself can take part in.

Atkinson quashed any idea of taking part in a debate with Morgan, alluding to it being no coincidence that her appearance on the show was on Morgan’s day off.

Atkinson said she had no interest in taking part in a debate with someone “who believes in taunts, intimidation, mockery and bad manners. [He is] an annoyance not worth the time.”

The topic inspired an usually large amount of opinion on Good Morning Britain’s Twitter feed first thing in the morning.

While some tweets echoed Piers Morgan’s sentiments, others were more encouraging to Atkinson’s cause: “Totally support this! It’s not just about how children feel/see themselves but teaching them about diversity & acceptance of others!”

Can I Tell You About Gender Diversity? is on sale at Amazon in paperback and digital form.

For the full interview see link below:

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