Farage Shoots on Theresa May: May will do what she always does – Fail

By Joe Audritt (@JoeAudritt)

Nigel Farage, while talking to Sky News, expressed doubts over Theresa May’s handling of Brexit stating that while the Prime Minister may be saying all the right things he is yet to convinced.

“[May] will do what she always does, she will look to be very much in control, she will say all the right things and people like me will say – well it sounds great but why is it taking so long?

“When it comes to immigration which she is highlighting – this is coming from the person who as home secretary failed completely.”

Farage also criticized May’s attitude towards New Zealand’s desire to have a trade deal with Britain suggesting she was waiting until EU President, Jean-Claude Juncker, allows negotiating to take place.

Also in discussion was President Elect Donald Trump who will be inaugurated as the 45th US President on Friday whose ability to be ‘presidential’ was again in question.

As the only Trump friendly British politician Farage replied “If anyone thinks he is going to become a president like the previous 44, they can just forget about it.”

Farage shrugged off Trump’s historically low approval rating: “What a great place to start.” Farage asserted that if Trump can bring jobs and money to America as well as control the border with Mexico “you’ll see is his popularity ratings go through the roof.”

Full interview:


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