Corbyn is not planning to become PM, he is planning an uprising

by Joe Audritt (@JoeAudritt)

I have a theory about Jeremy Corbyn I would like to share with you and perhaps get your thoughts on.

While Corbyn may have no intention of winning the next general election it does not stop him from spearheading a socialist uprising in Britain.

There is a common perception that Corbyn is not serious about becoming Prime Minister. He has frequently been asked about this in the past and his answers have inspired very little confidence in his ambition to attain the premiership of Britain.

Among over things, his continued promotion of open borders in the current political climate all but guarantees Labour’s failure to turn the tables in the 2020 general election.

Corbyn may perhaps be eccentric, but surely he is not delusional and must know this, so what is he really up to?

Jezza is finding a lot of support among young voters, or more specifically, students.

While the entire country has become disillusioned with the ruling classes and with the Left having a strangle hold on academia, Universities have become a petri dish for socialist thinking.

While regular folk may think of Corbyn affectionately like a malnourished Father Christmas, students may (if not already) start seeing Corbyn as their generations Leon Trotsky – dressed in threadbare tweed.

After 33 years as an MP it is fair to say Corbyn is prepared to play the long game. His dream may be to inspire a revolution from the current generation, a revolution he is aware he may never live to see.

He has perhaps not considered one thing – while he himself may never have grown up out of his socialist dreams, most do.


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