Obama vs Putin – Wrestlemania’s Next Main Event?

by Joe Audritt (@JoeAudritt)

Barak Obama is keeping plenty busy in his last days as president. Last week, in response to Russian hacking allegations, Obama gave Russian diplomats 72 hours to leave America. While Obama decided to play the part of a B-Movie mobster, Russia retaliated by inviting all the American Diplomats to a Christmas Party.

Congratulations Barak – you have managed to lose the moral high ground to Vladimir Putin.

Obama has also banned oil drilling in areas of the Arctic and Atlantic oceans, a restriction that will no doubt frustrate energy policing makers of the Trump administration in the future.

Meanwhile, Michelle Obama questions what America is going to do ‘without hope’ now that Donald Trump is to become president. Has no one explained to her that Trump is not actually one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse – despite the impression the main stream media give of him?

It seems the Obama’s are not content with leaving the White House gracefully. I would not be surprised if they left a brillo pad of hair stuck in the plug hole of the White House bathroom, toenail clippings imbedded in the soap and mounds of dog dirt on the lawn.

The current situation between the departing Obama administration and the Kremlin is all very theatrical and I predict it leading to a grudge match between Obama and Putin at this year’s Wrestlemania.

The fight of the millennium: Obama the superior athlete with a height and reach advantage – taking on Putin who trains by suplexing grizzly bears on frozen lakes.

My prediction: Obama (with overwhelming support from the crowd) hangs in there while Putin throws him around the ring and wrestles the flesh off his bones. Putin eventually tires and becomes vulnerable to Obama’s long reach one-two combos. Obama has him on the ropes looking for a finish when suddenly Donald Trump jumps into the ring and whacks Obama over the head with a steel chair while the referee is distracted.

Putin recovers just enough, as Obama hits the deck, to cover him for the pinfall. Trump raises Putin’s hand in victory amongst a sea of boos as Michelle and Hillary cry into each other’s arms at ringside.

Finally, Donald Trump grabs the microphone, announcing to the world the birth of a new world order: The US ‘n’ R.


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