Labour Party Lunatics

Labour spokesman, David Bell, has taken issue with my description of the Labour Party as ‘lunatics’ (letters, Mercury, Dec. 8).

As if to prove my point, Labour Mayor, Sadiq Khan, last week said he is considering removing the term ‘ladies and gentlemen’ in favour of gender neutral announcements on London’s transport network. It seems Khan has given up the idea of making any real improvements to London, instead focusing on attaining shallow liberal political brownie points.

Mr Bell also very kindly pointed me in the direction of Labour’s policy pledges online. The pledges while noble are hardly ram-packed with detail – unless of course you use Jeremy Corbyn’s definition of ram-packed.

Since Corbyn has about the same chance as Vladimir Putin of winning the next British general election I fear these pledges are not worth the pixels they are written in.

But if I could explore the pledge to build 1 million homes for a moment…

I simply do not believe Labour will be able to build these houses. A glance at last week’s Mercury demonstrates one of the problems with building houses – protests from local residents, a common theme across the country.

But for arguments sake let’s say Labour could overcome residents’ concerns.

To really appeal to voters a Labour government would have to build so many houses that property values plummet to a price the working class could actually afford to buy. That would certainly get my vote.

In reality however – who is going to invest in a project that will devalue the very commodity they are trying to sell? Even if these inconvenient economics could be overcome, I very much doubt they could be thwarted by Jeremy Corbyn – a man who cannot even get his tax return in on time.

While Corbyn continues to preach socialism he is doomed to fail the Labour Party. Even proletarians like me know socialism is a flawed ideology and while he continues to promote it, I shall continue to call the Labour Party – lunatics.

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