Founder of Abuse Prevention Charity Threatens to Sodomise Bristow with Darts

Eric Bristow became last week’s pantomime villain after comments he made on twitter concerning the football abuse scandal. The comments got him the sack from Sky Sports.

To answer for his crimes Bristow appeared on ITV’s Good Morning Britain to be given a grilling by Piers Morgan.

As if getting up at six in the morning and being confronted by Piers Morgan was not punishment enough, Bristow was also confronted by Marilyn Hawes, Founder of the charity Enough Abuse.

Mrs Hawes, who introduced herself as ‘the mother of three sexually abused children’, went on a rant telling Bristow he was ‘the most deeply offensive man that’s breathed oxygen’ and calling him a ‘bully.’

She also explained with venom in her voice: ‘If I had a set of darts, I would stick them where the sun don’t shine.’

I found it very odd that the founder of an abuse prevention charity would threaten to sodomise a man with a set of darts on national television. It was even more extraordinary that this threat of sexual violence went completely unchallenged.

This may be a deeply unpopular opinion, but I believe that being a victim of horrific circumstance does not give you license to say absolutely anything and for it to go unchallenged.

This is modern social justice. Bristow made a stupid comment on twitter and got fired. Hawes abuses him on live television and gets applauded and hailed a hero.

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