Blair & Major – Sales Reps for the Global Elites

By Joe Audritt (@JoeAudritt)

Tony Blair returned to the public political scene last week, banging the drum for an EU referendum part two and suggesting there are ‘millions of effectively politically homeless people.’ This could be self-projection on his part. It is certainly fair to assume he would not be welcomed back to the Labour party by the far-left Corbynite clan.

It is reasonable to say, many people do feel politically homeless. Although I cannot imagine, the widely despised Blair, can offer any solution to this.

I myself, feel politically homeless. The Tories are awful, Labour are lunatics, the Lib Dems are irrelevant and UKIP are a bit unpalatable to say the least. Where could I possibly call home?

Another former PM, John Major, also made a sales pitch for a second referendum, calling it ‘perfectly credible’. Major also said, people should not be subjected to the ‘tyranny of the majority’. That is what he said, but what I heard was – we cannot let the plebs make decisions.

I get the awful feeling; both Major and Blair have been sent out by the global elites to sell a second referendum in an effort to restore the status quo. I can only image, in a climate where the electorate – almost unanimously – hate politicians and the establishment in general, Blair and Major will not find any buyers.

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