You Might Think You’re Done with UKIP Mr Farage, But UKIP is Not Done With You.

An Open Letter to Nigel Farage (that he’ll most likely never see).
By Joe Audritt (@JoeAudritt)

My political awakening came about during the EU referendum campaign. Since then I have tried to get a grasp on the political landscape in this country. I am from the working class town of Harlow, a place where most people have developed a mistrust of the media who sneer at them and the elites who do their best to ignore them. I find myself asking – who the hell would I vote for?

The Labour Party and the left in general have become ridiculous, concerning themselves with socialism, social justice, open borders (while ignoring the social and economical dangers) and stifling democracy with threats to challenge the referendum result.

The Liberal Democrats have become an irrelevance thanks to the betrayal by Nick Clegg of the students and the ashes of the party are led by a twerp who has no ideas about post EU Britain but instead spends his time complaining about the result.

The Tories appear to be a rather distasteful bunch. These people (at best) appear to only be aware of working class life by reading books written by middle-class media luvvies who once visited a working class town for an afternoon. A group of elites who despite being born into privilege & wealth and having gone to the best universities have ended up in the rather menial and relatively low paid job of governing.

Who am I to vote for?

Mr Farage, while your crowning achievement may have come on the 23rd of June 2016 when Britain decided to leave the EU you can not claim any achievement in leaving your party in the current state that it is in. The ragtag bunch of misfits known as UKIP seem to be on a journey to join the Liberal Democrats in the swamp of irrelevance post the EU referendum.

I put it to you Sir, that you are charged with whipping this undisciplined rabble into shape and start offering a genuine alternative to the ‘good working class people of this country’. We all have burdens to bare, and yours is being the only person who can seemingly control this collection of political nuts.

This will be a challenging task no doubt, not least because the party must become far more palatable for the cultural libertarian, responsible capitalists among us.

While I am sympathetic for your desire to get your life back I would like you to think of this – if you do not offer an alternative, who will?

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