Clinton vs Trump, Robot vs Sex Pest

Welcome to Las Vegas, Nevada – Let’s get ready to rumble!

FIGHTING out of the red Corner, a business man and professional crotch grabber – Donald ‘Grab ’em by the Pussy’ TRUMP!

FIGHTING out of the blue corner, a part time housewife and full time liar – Hillary ‘Crooked Cyborg’ CLINTON!


So this week the stage was set for the rubber match for the US presidential candidates to settle the score once and for all. According to the mainstream television media, Clinton had won the first debate while Trump barely etched a win in the second. Although lately the media has become about as trust worth as a toddler holding an ice cream at a fun fair.

Perhaps the best case scenario for us all might have been if Trump had become so enraged during the debate he would jump Hillary – strangling her to death. Just as she gasped her last breath the secret service would jump in and squeeze off and entire pistol magazine into Trumps doughy carcass. Then perhaps America could have voted for Bernie Sanders after becoming the Democratic Party alternative.

Unfortunately none of that happened.

Instead, Clinton mocked Trump for filming his show The Apprentice while she was doing the very important work of watching an old man getting brutally slayed by US Navy Seals in his own home.article-0-0be0432200000578-628_634x443

The only other thing I garnered from the debate was just how much Trump looks like a Scooby Doo Villian… with haunted candy floss for hair.

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