The Woes of the Brexiteer

By Joe Audrtt (@JoeAudritt)

After the historical decision by the British public to pack up their bags and leave the EU you might have mistakenly believed it would be a time for celebration for the 52%ers who had finally got their way. The EU referendum was a rare opportunity for the public to instruct our politicians on the direction of the country’s future.

Immediately after the shock result, Remainers threaten to challenge the result anyway they could in efforts seen as stifling democracy. Plans to challenge the decision have gradually faded, largely in part by the majority of the public’s refusal to accept a re-do – ‘Brexit means Brexit’.


Since then, Brexiteers have had to suffer patronizing Remainiac pundits telling them – the British public were lied too. They were lied to about giving £350 million a week to the EU and they were lied to about that same money going to the NHS as soon as we leave. What short term memories they must have. They seem to have forgotten that the Remain campaign had every financial institution predicting financial Armageddon as soon as we hit the ejector seat on the EU. An Armageddon, that despite the drop in the Pound – has yet to materialise. And how quickly we have all forgotten that George Osborne claimed we would all be 4 grand a year out of pocket – a conclusion he drew by consulting his horoscope.

During the Labour Leadership Contest, Owen Smith’s only unique policy compared to Jeremy Corbyn was to hold a second referendum because – the British public are stupid. He mentioned the ‘Boris Bus’ with the infamous £350 million slogan. He mentioned the ‘promise’ to give that money to the NHS. The problem with this is, if you followed the EU referendum on television like I did, the only time you would have ever heard about that bus is when the claim was actually being debunked. So far as the ‘promise’ to fund the NHS with the money with we saved – I heard no politician make the claim. In fact none of them, Micheal Gove, Boris Johnson, Nigel Farage – were ever in any position to make that claim.


It is undoubtedly frustrating to be told my Remoaners that we as a nation were lied to during the run up to the referendum – as if we hadn’t noticed. For the longest time the electorate has known that politicians are about as trustworthy as Donald Trump backstage at a Miss World competition.

The Brexit campaign was won, in part, by first time voters. Voters who distrust the banks, distrust the corporations and globalisation. Voters who are unlikely to every put a cross next to any politician since they regard them as crooked, corrupt and with all the integrity of a Premiership Football Manager. The new generation of the working man – an electorate than neither politicians nor the mainstream media understand and have dismissed them all as bigoted plebian morons.

Since the result of the referendum, there seems to have developed this cache for pundits and politicians declaring that they themselves voted to remain. Despite being losers, declaring yourself a Remainer seems to have become some kind of virtue signal, with the subtext being – we may have lost the election but at least we’re not racist.

Immigration was seen as the biggest issue, largely by Remain who were quick to beat anyone who didn’t love unrestricted immigration with the racist stick while cynicism for globalisation, and the future of the EU (which spends most of its time fighting with itself) was largely ignored.

It is important to understand that the influx of immigration has affected the poorest in our society. Whether you like it not, the fact is – the immigration into this country of low skilled workers drives the relative price down for low skilled work. And who does that affect? The poorest people in our society.

We are witnessing for the first time, a generation that will be relatively worse off than the generation before. If your Father worked in a warehouse, perhaps driving a forklift, he would have be able to support his wife, feed a couple of children and pay a mortgage for a house you all lived in. There may even have been some money left over for you to all enjoy the odd holiday abroad.

Today however, if you do the same job things will be very different. Both partners will likely be working full time, you will have no chance buying a house and you’ll likely be driving a moped to work all year round.

This is a not an uncommon experience for people today. Its understandable that people want to improve their situation – not see it get worse. It is human nature to look after number one first, then the local tribe, then look to help further.

Britain is one of the most diverse places in the world and nobody really cares. Nobody really cares if the family next door has funny accents or wears strange attire. The people know that everyone, no matter where they are originally from is just trying to do the best for themselves and their family.

But still the concerns of the Brexiteer, the reluctance to accept the big banks, big business and big politics that do not seek to serve them are largely ignored or labelled as the woes of bigots.

The current woes for Brexit may be that after a honeymoon period where the British economy didn’t collapse – they now have to face up to the negotiations with the EU and some very real potential of economic instability.

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