Stephen Fry Forced to Apologise – Why SJW’s are Toxic in the Battle Against Mental Illness.

By Joe Audritt (@JoeAudritt)

British national treasure Stephen Fry made headlines after commenting on the modern phenomenon of ‘trigger warnings’ and ‘safe spaces’ telling those who seek them to ‘grow up’ during an interview for The Rubin Report.

The Guardian UK, home to mainstream Social Justice Warriors’ ran the headline ‘Stephen Fry criticised for telling ‘self-pitying’ abuse victims to grow up’ while other media outlets also piled on Fry with click bate headlines.

Fry who himself has documented his own struggles with mental health issues soon apologised, no doubt after receiving pressure by proxy from Mind – the mental health charity which Fry is president.

During the interview Fry explained that self-pity is the “ugliest emotion in humanity” – an inconvenient truth for any safe space seeking Social Justice Warrior. Given Stephen’s well documented struggle with depression, combined with his intelligence and beautiful articulation he should be considered an authority on the matter of depression and mental struggle. Instead he is shamed into silence by SJW pandering media resulting in his withdrawal from the conversation.


This is a real problem.

SJW’s are damaging an honest and frank conversation about depression leading to more and more people being molly coddled and protected rather than having to face up to the truth. If the stigma of mental illness is to be truly removed from society an honest and frank conversation must ensue… Including the ugly truths.

We cannot be scared to talk about suicidal ideal – as if this may give anyone suffering with depression ideas, they most likely have these ideas already. We must realise that every single human deals with depression to varying degrees.


We must understand that fighting depression is hard, that is if it can be fought at all. It may be more accurate to say we can only manage our depression. It requires effort in dealing with these emotions that sooner or later we must face up to and not be protected from.

Safe spaces are not a utopia of a misery free existence; they are simply a cave to crawl into to ignore it.

The likes of Milo Yiannopoulos are ostracized for his opposition and mockery of safe space culture and ultra-sensitive third wave feminism by SJW’s. The cult of SJW’s seem to miss that Milo himself almost certainly belongs to the clan of the depressed/bi-polar crew – as do they.


The extremely well read and tech savvy Yiannopoulos may only have gained these virtues by spending a large portion of his formative years in solitary confinement and will have had to struggle with the realities of his own sexuality. Instead of granting his thoughts and beliefs any value, SJW brand him a cultural cancer.

It is human nature to be utterly f***ing terrified of dying. When life becomes so miserable those suffering would prefer death – they become trapped. Trapped on No Man’s Land of not wanting to live and not wanting to die. Either they must face their fear of dying or face their fear of living.


I cannot judge anyone for wanting to take their own life or even the ones that do take what must be a brutal trip into the unknown. I can only empathise with the pain they must be in. For those trapped; there are no easy answers – except that you must face up to it.

My Mother once told me ‘you cannot give up’.

She often says ‘sometimes in life you have to do things you don’t want to do’. You have to get out of bed. You have to wash and brush your teeth. You have to make breakfast and go to work. And you have to somehow find the will to do those things and the reward is your life will become better. There exists, no easy, quick-fix solutions.

The mentally robust are not raised in safe spaces. The mentally robust are not protected from criticism. The mentally robust are not traumatised by negative comments on Twitter and mentally robust is what we should all aspire to be.

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