Galaxy Note 7 Combusts -Have we seen the demise of Samsung?

by Joe Audritt (@JoeAudritt)

Today’s Smartphones now require so much power to operate, Samsung seem to be using some kind of unstable plutonium nuclear rod to power up their latest device – The Galaxy Note 7 . Subsequently the device may now start glowing like a collapsed sun in your pocket or on your pillow while you sleep.

Samsung was set to compete with Apple’s iPhone 7 but it is safe to say Samsung will not be meeting their sales target for the Note 7 this Christmas. If fact Samsung (after previously issuing two product recalls) have discontinued the device completely.

The high tech device boasted a high level of waterproofing capable of operating fully submerged in water. As it turns out, operating the phone underwater is the safest way to use it.

The spate of Samsung phones spontaneously combusting, comes during a legal battle with Apple over patent designs that could see Samsung pay out $1 billion to their competitor.

Despite this PR disaster, pundits are predicting that this will not mean the end of Samsung. This goes to show (in a world where you’re more likely to have access to 3G than a clean water supply) just how much we humans love our smartphones.

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