Milo Yiannopoulos’ Treatment By The Left Makes Them Look Ridiculous

by Joe Audritt (@JoeAudritt)

Milo Yiannopoulos, a self-proclaimed ‘Internet Super-Villain’ has once again caused a stir on the internet – having been profiled in OUT Magazine.

Objection to his appearance in the ‘Gay & Lesbian Travel, Fashion & Culture’ magazine came from (among others) Huffington Post’s Anne Hilt who likened Milo to a Gay Nazi.

It has long been open season on the outspoken Yiannopoulos for left-wing media outlets who never shy away from unsubstantiated defamatory labels like ‘racist’ and ‘white supremacist’ when describing Yiannopoulos. Seemingly pandering to their ‘Social Justice Warrior’ & third wave feminist readership, Yiannopoulos is always liberally showered with buzzwords attacking his character that is rarely looked at past a headline by his cultural opponents.

Hilt described OUT Magazines inclusion of a photo of Milo dresses as a woman as ‘transphobic’ for reasons only understood by the author.’s Gabriel Arana conceded that OUT Magazine was free to profile an openly gay ‘sensational fringe figure’ but stated ‘you don’t sprinkle artistic pixie dust on a white supremacist.’

It is not that I object to these types of bold claims, but when they are made I would like to see the evidence. Simply saying he supports Trump’s Wall is not enough. It’s enough to label him selfish; sure – but a white supremacist?

I do not understand why left wing cult media cannot seem to give Milo a much fairer, critical moniker – perhaps refer to him as an egotistical pseudo-misogynistic prick with Daddy issues? Could they not discredit him by pointing out his self-evident lust for fame and attention – a desire likely to cause him to say just about anything? Milo has long been stroking the phallus of the Celebrity God lovingly in the hope that he should receive a shower of fame splashed over his face.

Should I surmise that it is the Left’s intention to keep the well-educated, well-read, quick-witted, charismatic Milo with differing opinions to theirs away from a mainstream audience? It is a tactic that is in no doubt effective and given Yiannopoulos’s reputation as a heavyweight debater serves as self-preservation – less they go head to head in the mainstream and have their values picked apart by this cerebral super-troll.

My real objection to all this is – writers earning a living spouting Social Justice Warrior pandering nonsense to a huge audience while much more reasonable people like me are stuck writing blogs with less readers than Lawn & Garden Tractor Magazine.

Would I get more readers if I manufactured some hysteria and flung my poo at Milo?

I heard he once kick a toddler over a fence! A toddler which had wandered onto his tennis court, disturbing his tennis game – the game of white male privilege, at a tennis club where members meet in between plots to maintain the patriarchy and crush the rights of women and foreigners.


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