Clinton Collapse Aftermath – Bill Steps In


After weeks of speculation about Hillary Clinton’s poor health the public are now aware that all is not well with Clinton. It is quite possible that 68 year old Hillary Clinton is seriously ill.

Her husband Bill Clinton came out of the woodwork Monday to talk to CBS host Charlie Rose after Hillary’s collapse while leaving a Sept. 11th event in New York. Prior to Bill’s appearance with Rose the only role he played on TV as part of Hillary’s campaign was to fall asleep during one of her speeches.

But with needs being a must Bill has been kicked out the door to try and smooth things over while his wife is out of action. Bill, who only sees the ‘truth’ as some kind of abstract concept – explained to CBS that his wife was feeling much better and looking like ‘a million bucks’. If this is in fact the case, why is she not there in person explaining this herself? Is it because she has taken the advice from her doctors to rest or is she still as sick as a dog?


It is not Bill’s Perspex lies that are the concern but rather the thought that Hillary Clinton may indeed be very seriously ill. The only reassuring sign of Clinton’s good health is that she has still fit enough to browbeat her husband onto the TV while paralyzed in bed.

To recap the events of Sunday: Hillary Clinton attended a memorial event in New York to commemorate Sept. 11th. No doubt feeling under the weather Clinton possibly felt she had no other choice but to try and tough it out. After around 90 minutes at the events it becomes too much for Clinton, aides prop her up against a street post and wait for the car. When the car arrives, US Security Service bundle Clinton (now a dead weight) into the car like a sack of potatoes.


Clinton is not seen again until she walks out of her daughter Chelsea’s apartment block a few hours later – waving to cameras and explaining she feels much better to awaiting journalists. She also took a photo opportunity with a small girl who approached her while leaving the apartment block. She has not been seen by the public since.

Ignoring the cynical PR stunt with the small girl who (being the only person within 100 yards) had no doubt been heavily vetted by the security services prior – what are we to make of this?


I think we can safely say that Chelsea has not got healing hands, but she may have had some ‘party’ medicine on hand to give to mummy to briefly revive her. That certainly would explain the quick turnaround in Clinton’s well being – as well as explaining the sunglasses and moronic smile.

Regardless of whether Clinton herself makes a full recovery, her campaign may not. Could this incident have just awarded Trump the US Presidency?

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