My first Online Encounter with ‘Social Justice Warriors’

by Joe Audritt (@JoeAudritt)

“Just got into a row because I’m ‘too attractive’. Fuck off”

This would be the post that as it happens turned out to be the prelude to my run in with a couple of online ‘Social Justice Warriors’. The Facebook update authored by a woman I once went to school with went on to explain how she had been approached on the street by a man who told her that he found her attractive. Despite her obvious lack of interest the man in question persisted in giving her compliments. A strategy that no doubt was intended to win her affections – however flawed.

I was unsure of the original motive of this status update, was it to express her indignance at having to deal with an oppressing misogynist, or simple to let us all know someone thought she was attractive?

After reading her friends replies comparing this social faux pas to a declaration of war upon the female species by the patriarchy intent of turning all of them into sex slaves I joined the conversation to suggest that perhaps he had just been giving her a compliment. Owing to his obvious dense personality, how was he supposed to know she had not wished to receive one beforehand?

Of course a comment like this will give all self-respecting SJW license to characterize any man as a misogynistic rapist. ‘Joe must be the type of man to have sex with you while you’re passed out because how would he know you didn’t want to?’

This sort of irrational response to opinions that oppose SJW’s narrative appears to be par for the course when attempting to engage with them.

After being called a rapist I abandoned any rational debate and suggested they take their SJW opinions somewhere they might be taken seriously – like a mental ward. This went down about as well as some pubic hair stuck on a babies dummy and led to accusations of me also making fun of mental health in a futile effort to police my speech.

When asked why I thought ‘Social Justice Warrior’ was an insult I invited the original author to check out Milo Yiannopoulos on YouTube for a more concise and well-rehearsed critique of SJW’s and modern feminism than I could ever deliver. (Although in reality I brought up Milo simply to irritate them.)

For those unfamiliar with Milo, he is public enemy #1 for the SJW’s. Milo, a very apparent homosexual, is an extremely intelligent, well read, charismatic, anti-hero who often refers to modern feminists as ‘fat, blue haired lesbians’. Although intentionally very abrasive and unapologetic, Milo is very eloquent, well informed and ruthless in pointing out the inadequacies of SJW.

In the context of this Facebook chat, recommending someone check out a character like Milo is seen akin to going to your local primary school and handing out meth from a PEZ dispenser.

Milo, although not present would become victim to these lunatics’ hysteria, being accused of being racist and encouraging rape. Neither accusation was corroborated by any evidence, because neither is true, but this is merely circumstantial to an online SJW. As I learnt from reading Vox Day‘s book (and now firsthand) ‘SJW’s Always Lie’. They do seem to hate it when facts get in the way of their narrative.

For reasons I have yet to understand online Social Justice Weirdos are attempting to language police in our culture – guilt tripping people into submission by liberally labeling people sexist, racist, homophobic, trans-phobic and any other buzzword they can craft. This tactic has undeniably earned them some success. I myself am very hesitant to explain any view that may suggest any society probably shouldn’t mandate Doctor’s to re-engineer a person’s genitals on request for example. They should possibly be able to refuse to perform the procedure, free from defamatory accusations.

One thing I have been able to deduce is SJW’s have a very low opinion of the general population, which is probably why they do not trust them with any challenging views. Particularly views that challenge their narrative. As’s Teresa Jusino put it: “Without people like [Milo], the sheep are aimless. And harmless.”

Jusino seems to believe Milo has a ‘sway’ over us – the plebeian ‘sheep’ who apparently do not possess the intelligence or morality to distinguish right from wrong ourselves. We cannot be trusted to have Milo’s hate-filled musings grace our tiny minds – for us fools may misinterpret them as waiver to go out on a raping spree.

SJW’s seem to be obsessed with ‘rape culture’ – a hysteria that seems to fuel much of their cultural policing. I say ‘hysteria’ because I myself have yet to witness any part of society that has a rape culture. I’ve seen drug culture, criminal culture, and yes even a misogynist culture, but never a rape culture.

I’ve worked alongside my fellow unskilled and poorly educated for my entire adult life. Amongst them have been drug addicts, criminals and the mentally ill – basically we are all the sort of people you wouldn’t want moving into your street and turning it into a favela. Never have I taken part or witnessed a casual conversation about rape. Never.

I have never returned to work at the warehouse on a Monday to be greeted with ‘ Hey Joe. Good weekend? Manage to get any raping done?”

I do not know where this rape culture is…

And neither do Social Justice Warriors.


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7 thoughts on “My first Online Encounter with ‘Social Justice Warriors’

  1. the old humblebrag, you were supposed to respond “i’m so sorry you had to deal with that” or thank you for being so brave & sharing that” because now everybody knows you are a raypist. I had some girl block me for quoting rainn who said there is no raype culture.


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