Keith Vaz MP – Sex ‘Scandal’


Labour MP Keith Vaz has made the headlines after the Sunday Mirror exposed The Chairman of the Home Affairs Select Committee’s encounter with 2 male prostitutes.

This is surely an embarrassing situation for Vaz who is married with 2 children but other than his family – who really cares? If he likes to get high and hang out with 2 strapping Eastern European rent boys in his own time – that is his business. If there is any deserved punishment or reprimand he should receive for his behavior I trust that his wife will deliver it.

While Vaz contemplates what the next few months sleeping on the sofa will do for his back – the media, pundits and politicians debate the value of this story. Are these revelations of genuine public importance or is it just some cheap sleaze to distract us from Theresa May upsetting the Chinese?

Vaz quickly resign from his duties on the Home Affairs Committee which oversees matters including drug laws and prostitution…Why!? All this ‘scandal’ proves is that he is qualified to speak on the matter and since the actions taken by the Home Affairs Committee include opposing a ban on poppers he cannot really be accused of hypocrisy.

Should he resign? I don’t think so. I’d much prefer if he used this incident as a starting point for a drug legalization campaign – if only he was honest. Just tell us Vaz, tell us your keeping prostitution legal because you love to sleep with them… And that you’d also like to see cocaine legal because it is the only way to get anyone to blow you.


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