Maternity Discrimination – Should Employers Really Pay Entitled Mothers to Sprog?


‘Feminists’ are again calling for the government to do more to tackle ‘Maternity Discrimination’ after The Commons Women and Equalities Committee claimed 54,000 woman have been forced out of their jobs since 2005 because of it.

As it stands, there is already in place some protection for women who are pregnant or have recently given birth. But as we see in the real world there are ways an employer can get round these protective legislations by making women redundant. The reason is simple – employers do not care about women’s children and they certainly do not want to pay for them. Why should they?

When an entrepreneur goes out into the world, sacrificing the security of working for someone else, hoping to create a business of their own – they do so in the hope that one day they will have created something so good that someone else will buy it and they can retire. They do not set out on that journey of stress, hard graft and 20 hour days just so they can pay entitled Mothers to not show up for work.

This is a reality – whether you like it or not. What would happen if I (a man) approached my employer and told them that I was not only taking 12 months off but they were still going to have to pay me for it? They probably wouldn’t much appreciate it. They certainly would not put me on any shortlist for promotion when I did finally return to work.

But I am a man and it is women who have the children – someone has to have them right? But I am not sure we need women to have children so badly that we offer monetary incentives to them – paid by employers and the state. I’m sorry Ladies, but not everyone loves your children as much as you do. Least of all your employer, who has to pay you to be away and then has to deal with the disruption in the work place when you bring the little rat into work for everyone in the office to fawn over.

So Ladies, by all means have your babies but please do it with the knowledge that your employer does not want to pay you to take antenatal classes. They do not want to pay you to give birth. They do not want to pay you to breast feed, and they certainly do not want to promote you and pay you more money when you finally return to work.

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