The Labour Position


So the Labour Party civil war is on…still. Jeremy Corbyn continues to stubbornly cling onto the leadership of a party who will not follow him and Owen Smith attempts to dethrone the man the Labour membership just absolutely love.

Despite the inevitable demise of the Labour Party he will cause, I cannot help but show some begrudging admiration for Corbyn. Your garden variety politician would have followed the script and resigned a long time ago if placed in Corbyn’s position. Corbyn has gone off-script and dug his heels in, stating that it is his duty to serve the membership that elected him. There is certainly something to be said for that.

However… Corbyn is terrible. No one can argue this. A leader is the one person everyone respects, the one everyone listens to. The Labour Party are not listening to Corbyn – in fact they are publicly calling him incompetent. He has a shadow cabinet made up of second choices and his second in command, Tom Watson can’t stand him. I cannot imagine even the most devoted Corbyn supporters will argue that he will never win a general election. Yet he stays clinging to the leadership of a sinking ship. He is either the most stubborn man in history, or he is a closet Tory.


The latest example of Corbyn’s ineptitude saw him fail in creating a simple PR stunt where he sat on the floor of a Virgin train and explained to a camera crew he happened to have with him that the train was ‘ram-packed’. Unfortunately for Corbyn, Virgin owner Richard Branson tweeted CCTV images of Corbyn walking past available empty seats on the train before Corbyn sat down to shoot his re-nationalising of trains promotional video.

Corbyn cannot even create nationalisation propaganda. He has however made a pretty successful viral campaign promoting Virgin trains – the trains with more available seats than you thought.

#TrainGate became a hotly contested debate that dominated the headlines. Was there really space on the train? Did those ‘empty’ seats have bags on them? Why can’t Corbyn book a seat in advance like everybody else?

The BBC ran the headline ‘Virgin challenges Corbyn train footage’, The Guardian ran ‘Corbyn fends off Branson’s attack over ram-packed Virgin train’ and BuzzFeed ran ‘Here’s The Full Timeline Of The Completely Batshit Row Between Virgin Trains And Jeremy Corbyn’.

The fact is, Jeremy Corbyn arrived on a train with a camera crew with the intention of documenting how busy they are, and thanks to his infamous incompetence he arrive when the train was not.

Owen Smith wasted no time by taking a shot at Corbyn on twitter explaining his campaign ‘remains on track.’ He also appeared to go one further, labelling Corbyn a ‘lunatic’ at a labour rally. That was until the quote went public and Smith backtracked – the spineless twerp. Where is your self-esteem man? Tell us what you really think of this corduroy coated fool.

I believe Smith’s problem is that at best he is merely Corbyn Lite – which means he is only slightly less ridiculous than Jeremy. He wants to nationalise everything just like Corbyn. Because as we know productivity and performance increases once you remove any monetary incentives, and the state that owns everything is never ever abused… Except everywhere it has been tried.w5etl1nde6rtscatnex7hyzwub9tun4-large

At worst Smith is the beneficiary of a legal challenge against his own members right to vote and a die hard Remain campaigner prepared to block the vote of the electorate.

So this is the state of The Labour Party. The state of our opposition – two men competing to see who can be the most ridiculous.



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