Britain beats China, Gaza in Flames, and Extremist Prison Cells [The Day Today]


Britain has beaten China in the Olympic medals table – the first time they have been able to do so since China’s return to the games in 1984. Since I did not succumb to British Olympic fever this year (and I am, by nature cynical) – I can only assume Team GB is taking more performance enhancing drugs this year. Either that or we have recently benefited from the installation of world class Olympic equipment in the capital.

While the British media continues to excrete all of its affection over the Olympics – Gazza is having a fireworks display of their own to rival any Olympic closing ceremony. I do not know what exactly is going on in Gaza because only Twitter seems to be reporting on it and it is a little difficult to gather a wealth of information from less than 140 characters.

It seems Palestine fired a rocket from Gaza into the Israeli city of Sderot. Israel responded by sending over 50 rockets, supervised by three Israeli jets and a tank. The message is clear. Israel has deeper pockets than you Palestine – and a similar valuation on human life.

Back in Britain –The government is talking of isolating all Islamic extremists in prison in “separate special units” as well as removing “extremist books” and vetting prison chaplains more thoroughly. Essentially what I think the British Government are trying to create is a discount Guantanamo Bay. Prisoners won’t be water boarded but forced to drink lots of tea. They won’t be interrogated but made to watch footage of The Queen until they display utter devotion to that silly old woman with the gold hat.

Gathering all extremists in the same unit of a prison sounds like the start of a comic book villain squad. Actually isn’t that exactly how the movie The Usual Suspects begins?

The War on Terror and the hunt for extremist in the 21st century will likely become a modern rendition of the hunt for witches in the 17th century. A hunt for undesirables corrupted by prejudice and fear. Except now, unlike witches – extremists really do exist.

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