Obesity Crisis


The child obesity crisis is apparently so bad the government is expected to step in and now that it has – health experts, campaigners, MP’s and TV Chef Jamie Oliver are still whinging.

It seems campaigners will not be satisfied until sugar is classified as a Class-A Narcotic and the offering of fast food considered a hate crime. My Nan would have blamed the parents. The News seems to want to blame the Government.

Critiques of the Government’s #ObesityStrategy have suggested the timing of the plans release during the summer break means they are not taking it seriously. It is almost as if the Tories are not that enthusiastic about stifling big business and enforcing a ludicrous ban on adverts for junk food.

Although, I do wish Theresa May would address the issue, at the very least with a press release that said “could you please stop stuffing your fat children’s faces, you are crippling the NHS.”

The Government has actually been tackling obesity for some time. They will soon make all of us thin – by making us poor. We can already no longer afford to buy houses, soon we won’t even be able to afford food.

What makes my skin crawl however is Jamie Oliver banging the drum for Sugar Tax and bans on junk food ads. Why is he not calling for a ban on terrible parenting? Probably because he is looking to sell Jamie’s Low Sugar Range of Foods – the only food legal to advertise in his moronic imagining of Britain.

ITV’s Good Morning Britain described Oliver as a ‘health expert’. I am not quite sure how his ability to heat food qualifies him as a health expert. He certainly is not an economic expert. If he was he might realise that food corporations are not going to be prepared to make less money just because he showed up on the news complaining about fat children.

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