104 Year Old Man ‘Waterboarded’ and ‘Branded’ on GMB

By Joe Audritt (@JoeAudritt)

Jack Reynolds, is a 104 year old man that has, on 3 separate occasions – been waterboarded, branded, and shot up into the skies – all for my entertainment.

The charismatic geriatric Jack, made his public debut during the plague of Ice Bucket Challenge videos that turned up on YouTube in 2014 as the oldest man to have ever taken part in the challenge. For those of you who lived in a cave throughout 2014  – The Ice Bucket Challenge saw every Tom, Dick and Harry dumping ice cold water over themselves in order to promote awareness of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS).

Screenshot (73).pngEarlier in the year, lovable Jack appeared on Good Morning Britain preparing to get a tattoo and earning himself a Guinness World Record in the process. GMB’s Katie Rickett joined him in his living room hyping his apparent aspiration of becoming the oldest man to get a tattoo. Watching the aloof OAP Jack, it is not always entirely clear he knows what is going on. He does have somewhat the look of a man confused as to why a bunch of strangers are in his living room shinning lights in his eyes.

Last week Rickett again joined the plucky pensioner, this time on an airfield where Jack was aboard a 1942 Tiger Moth two seater air plane – about to take a trip into the skies. Rickett shouts at Jack asking him how he feels about the flight. A 104 year old man is unlikely to hear Rickett even if he wasn’t wearing ear defenders and sat in a World War II plane with the engine running. Never-the-less he gave a reply on cue. Unfortunately it wasn’t a reply in any language I understood but Rickett kindly turned to camera to translate ‘he says he is feeling on top of the world’.

Screenshot (97).png

The Tiger Moth is a 70 year old plane, built at a time when safety regulations where not as stringent as they are today by people who not only did not have smart phones – these historic idiots didn’t even have mobile phones. Jack is at an age where having a nap could kill him. A trip in an open top aeroplane could probably be considered a suicide attempt.

I’m not sure Jack knows where he is. I’ve seen no evidence that the man actually wants to be involved in these things. I have seen a man offering little resistance to the situations others have placed him in – a step short of active participation.

Screenshot (75).pngHis family sweetly always show up to support him, well dressed for the 6:40am broadcast. I wonder how many times a week Jack is surrounded by 10 members of his family in the morning? I bet the only way he can get them to visit him is to invite a film crew round.

Speaking to the Daily Mail Jack said ‘I did it because of my family, they are fun-makers, they do all sorts of daft things and I have to be ready for anything.’

I think ‘fun makers’ may be short hand for ‘my captors who exploit me in exchange for likes on Facebook.’

GMB asked its viewers to suggest other challenges for Jack which included a bungee jump and driving a Formula 1 car. Is this the news or a reality show following an elaborate new euthanasia scheme?

I imagine Jack is actually happy to do these things. I should think he is content to keep pulling off stunts on live television. He could die at any moment, what difference does it makes if it is while driving a Formula 1 car or while part of a motorcycle stunt display team? He’s probably looking forward to it. So next week when presumably GMB announce their going to fire Jack from a cannon – I’ll definitely be watching.

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