CCTV: Woman Gives Birth on Hospital Welcome Matt – Unaided, In Under a Minute

I enjoy watching ITV’s Good Morning Britain in the morning. It is a show with a good balance of political news with the odd fluff piece. Despite the inclusion of celebrity gossip nonsense, the show is far more digestible in the morning than the more serious (and depressing) BBC or Sky News.

Last Friday, GMB ran a story about a pregnant woman giving birth to her baby in under a minute in the entrance of a hospital. The scene, caught on CCTV showed the lady waddling in through the entrance of the hospital and then – clearly in some distress – pulling down her pyjama bottoms and delivering a baby herself there and then.

This is an incredible story. The problem is, this is the age of the internet where all manner of incredible things are on film. On YouTube you can view motorcyclists being hit by cars that launch them into somersaults and then land on their feet unharmed. You can watch Saddam Hussein being hung and Gaddafi being lynched online for heaven sake. So when I see GMB running a promo for a baby born on a hospital welcome matt I am like – yea, whatever.

I am not sure it should be that way. But what if you actually stumbled upon that situation in reality and not just on the internet? I am afraid I would almost certainly be very British about it and carry on about my day, soothing myself by sending the poor lady in question positive thoughts. This is not because I am uncaring person – I am simply allergic to the sound of babies crying.

In today’s climate I worry that most people’s first reaction would be to get a quick selfie, giving a thumbs up to camera while a woman suffers the agony of childbirth in the background and then uploading it to their Facebook.

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