Chilcot: He is NOT sorry – SHOCK HORROR

The long awaited Chilcot report has been released. And what did we learn? Nothing new of course. Tony Blair was determined to join George Bush in giving Saddam a spanking. Yawn. WMD was the ‘justification’ for war – but ridding the world of Saddam was the “real prize”. Yawn.

People either agree with the decision to go to war or they do not. The inquiry won’t change any minds. It certainly hasn’t changed mine. It was well worth the £10 million spent to see Blair’s love letters to President Bush prior to the war. “I will be with you, whatever.”

Blair surely gambled on finding something resembling a WMD but couldn’t even produce a radioactive blow dart. In the whole of Iraq there was not so much as a cache of water pistols filled with sheep’s piss. An embarrassment not only for Britain and the US, but for British arms dealers unable to secure Saddam’s custom back in the 80’s.

In the wake of the report Tony Blair held a press conference to address the conclusion made by Sir John Chilcot. It’s clear that this report has inconvenienced Blair – by having to appear on television without a book to sell. Unlike Alastair Campbell who does have a book to sell and wasted no time appearing on Sky News to shamelessly plug his merchandise.

The only apology Blair ‘would or could’ hand out was that he was sorry he wasn’t in power long enough to send Britain in to fuck Syria up n’all. Corbyn however apologised for his party’s role in the ‘disastrous’ war which will no doubt be a gesture applauded by his hippy followers. He still he seems ridiculous. In reality the man is about effective as a Wrigley’s Airwaves dropped in a sewage works.

On Wednesday not only were we treated to the spectacle of Blair desperately trying to produce tears on camera. We were also treated to Sky News being drowned out by some students with a megaphone and too much time on their hands calling for Blair to be hung as a war criminal. So they are not entirely against violence and state sanctioned murders then, they would just rather they were conducted against out own political leaders? I could possibly sympathies if I wasn’t already a psychopath.

Good luck with anybody wishing to see Blair prosecuted for war crimes. Who do you really think will prosecute him? Do you really think he cares what us plebs think? Get over it.

In summary, America wanted Saddam out by any means necessary and wanted Britain to join them as their lucky charm since they struggle to win wars without us. Britain, also not being much of a fan of Saddam and stuck in the middle of two super-powers felt compelled in joining their poorly prepared, gung-ho American allies.

What ensued was a briefly successful military exercise – followed by an almighty gang fuck in someone else’s home.

What did we learn? Eh… Anybody?


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