Today’s EU Sludge.

The EU referendum is only a few weeks away where will all have a chance to vote between starting World War 3 or collapsing the NHS.

Stephen Hawkins joined the EU debate this morning exclusively on Good Morning Britain – siding with the stay campaign along with Lord Alan Sugar. The amount of public figures coming out as pro EU is overwhelming. The problem for me is that none of these people are the voice for us proles despite Sugar telling us he is an ‘ordinary person’. A strange claim to make in a suit worth more than a family hatchback.

Stephen Hawkins warned that Brexit would be bad for the economy and Britain would become ‘culturally isolated’ if we left the EU. Stephen Hawking is a theoretical physicist – whatever that means. All I can tell you is I think Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory is one… And I wouldn’t trust him with the sovereignty of a country either.

The thing is, I just assume he wants Britain to stay in because it is best for him. I’m far to lazy to do any fact checks but if I did I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that Director of Research, Stephen Hawking benefits from EU money somehow. Hawkins then put the whole thing in perspective by telling us the world will most likely be hit by a giant asteroid soon, killing us all – just like the dinosaurs.

When asked what is the best moment of his life Hawking explained it was his children. I’m not quiet sure bringing into life some children onto a dying planet was perhaps the best use of your time Professor.

Hawking, and Sugar’s contribution didn’t do much for the swamp waterfall that has become the EU debate but it’s okay because soon it is debating season! This is the undisputed heavyweight shit flinging championship of the world where each side might as well start predicting the future of our society using their horoscopes. The winner will be whoever can terrify the proles the most.

Also; Donald Trump, Sadiq Khan and The ridiculous Queen


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