Lucha Underground: First Glance

If you haven’t checked out Lucha Underground the home of  pro-wrestling – Lucha Mortal Kombat style , you can not claim to be a wrestling fan of any kind.  If you haven’t already – check it out.12801424_1194256840599505_2253818537714350816_n

The show (every Wednesdays) is simple – 45 mintues where wrestlers wrestle in wrestling matches, 3 wrestling matches on the card, all competitors excellent workers – in a presentation like no other. 

The in ring action is broken up with a few short dramatic segments or studio filmed vignettes. The visually attractive vignettes take on a modern B-Movie feel, filmed on the cheap but in the age of technology being filmed on the cheap doesn’t stop them from also being of high quality. The sets are carefully chosen and the lighting and sound effects compliment the shows sinister comic book feel. They are excellent for their purpose – a little colouring in of the break from the action.

Back in the ring and kicking off proceedings  before each match,the beautiful ring announcer Melissa Santos with the voice box of a Lioness and the looks of a South American goddess introducing all competitors.

She is quiet possibly the only beautiful sight you will ever find in the ‘Lucha Temple’ which has the appearance of  a Fight Club with a dose of early-day UFC. The ring matt looks as if it hasn’t been swept in years and is the only place in the building under lights which is ideal since the fans have all the appeal of a baying cock-fight mob…

…And into this dark underground world comes the ridiculous sight of Joey Ryan – the love child of Johnny Cage and 80’s Hasselhoff complete with chest carpet and hosing himself down with baby oil before his match with Mascarita Sagrada – the 4 ft 5′ Lucha Dwarf.

Clearly Ryan is not a man you want to see win anything. What we want to see is him humiliated which is exactly what we got last week when he attempted a Gorilla Press Slam on a 90lb Sagrada and failing through weakness to do so and getting slammed to the canvas by Sagrada in return.

Brian ‘The machine who is not a monster’  Cage captured the Gift of the Gods title belt this week by pinning Chavo Guerrerro. The Gift of the Gods title allows the holder to demand a shot at the honourable Lucha Underground Championship at any time. A perk Cage puts to use immediately, challenging the current champion; The Monster Matanza to a match next week. I will not be missing that one.

This weeks main event was a 3 on 3 tag battle for the Lucha Underground Trios Championship – a match that saw more action than a skank on a military base. A Trio Championship is not something I am used to seeing but has apparently become very popular in Mexico – and now I know why.

The 3-man team of Luchadores and current champions Rey Mysterio, Prince Puma and Dragon Azteca Jr took on team gringo comprised of PJ Black, Jack Evans and Johnny Mundo – 3 white boys who look like college students who have taken a wrong turn while on an acid trip.

The action is fantastic, the trio title fight is utter chaos sound tracked beautifully by the pops from the crowd and the crashing of the ring.The entire card vows for the audience’s attention and they are definitely getting it.

These guys are a reminder that while the art may be worked and manufactured, wrestling and wrestlers are legitimately badass.

Check. It. Out.



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