Queen 90: F*** Off!

I don’t know if you noticed, but apparently it’s the Queen’s birthday today. All day I’ve had to listen to reporters robotically praising the queen over carefully placed camera shots of “crowds” coming to celebrate. No one says anything bad. This is b*** s***.

If you think propaganda doesn’t exist you haven’t been watching the news coverage. On Wednesday both the BBC and Sky covered the Queen’s birthday preparations rather than cover Prime Minister’s Question Time. It wasn’t even her birthday yet! So I guess the worship of a little of lady is more important that the running of our country.

MP’s must love the Queen’s birthday. They can get away with anything on her birthday because no one is watching. All day the news told us how fantastic the Queen is while playing shots of a mini bus’ worth of mad pensioners waving flags at her in Windsor. Meanwhile politicians in parliament shed their synthetic human skin and masturbate over each others bank statements.

As low opinion as I have for politicians I have to concede that someone voted for them. Yes, even the reptilian Teresa May. No one voted for a Royal Family. A commentator on the BBC remarked that although the American president Barack Obama was elected, not everyone voted for him – but “everyone loves the Queen”.

For the most part it seemed that even broadcasters didn’t really want to be covering the Queens birthday yet still managed to read the ridiculous narrative with the same enthusiasm you’d see from a hostage reading out their captors demands.

Looking on the bright side, the ludicrous coverage might rally the hate for the monarchy and inspire an abolishment of this medieval tradition. A revolution that sees the proles tear down the images of these false idols and the rebuilding of a just and fair society. At the very least it has been a brief respite from the relentless EU debate.


Did the government manage to close up any of those tax loop holes that essentially allow the super rich to contribute nothing to our society? I don’t know because all the news fed me was royal sludge.

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