World War 3: Postponed

A Russian jet came within 30ft of a US destroyer conducting exercises in the Baltic Sea in what the US navy described as a “simulated attack” – one of the closest and riskiest encounters between the two countries’ armed forces in recent years.

The Guardian.

I can only imagine what it would be like to be a sailor out in the Baltic Sea having just been informed that a Russian jet is heading for your location. After a brief cry and a quick phone call to Mummy I’d want to be on deck – in control of a f*****g big gun, filling the skies with lead turning any approaching jet into a flaming meteor – falling harmlessly into the ocean. Harmlessly for me that is.

Evidently the Commander of the USS Donald Cook was rather more cool headed (and by the look of the pictures) ordered his men up on deck to film the whole thing on their phones. Maybe he anticipated the situation, realising that this was a non-incident – the Russian’s where not there to attack. If that’s the case, how the bloody hell did he manage to anticipate the Kremlin? By the look of Putin it would be easier to predict the rationale of a household appliance. The man looks like a T-3000 sent by skynet to kill us.

The whole incident is the playground equivalent of Putin holding his hand in front of America’s face squawking “I’m not touching you, you cant get mad!” I hope America respond in kind by holding him down and giving him a deodorant burn to his testicles while Britain keeps a look out for Sir.



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