CatchUp: Stephen Fry, a Death and The Beast of Bolsover

It’s funny how the people who end up on the news claiming offence over someone’s social commentary tend to also run charities. Sharon Evans is the latest – complaining about Stephen Fry for making some insensitive remarks on The Rubin Report aimed at sexual abuse victims.

Fry was commenting on his frustrations with people who objected to plays that contain scenes or themes of rape because it reminds them of their own personal traumas. I thought he actually included some rather helpful advice for people who suffer with the much wider scope of depression which can also include loneliness – “no one is going to like you if you feel sorry for yourself.”

At the very least, Fry provided an opportunity for Mrs Evans to promote her charity. So why not try thanking him?


David Gest has died. That was a shock for me – I thought he was already dead and was somehow being reanimated as part of an experiment for the BBC’s Man Lab presented by James May.


All last week I was getting amped up for what I’d built up in my head as an inevitable purge of the government over the offshore tax Panama avoidance papers thing. I was convinced the pressure would continue and would not stop until David Cameron and George Osborne were sat outside Westminster tube station under a blanket holding up signs “will lie for food”. Incidentally, is it just me or does Osborne’s hair look increasingly like it has been drawn on with a thick sharpie?

I wasn’t quite as amped up as the Beast of Bolsover – Labour MP Dennis Skinner who on Thursday relished in talking trash to the Prime Minister.He roared up a storm opposite the PM in the Houses of Parliament on Monday until his face glowed like my Nan’s old electric hob element. In the end the offence that got him thrown out was to refer to the PM as “dodgy Dave”. A bit rich coming from an 84 year old man with a dodgy hip, a dodgy knee, a dodgy shoulder and a face that looks like it could be a study for geologist.

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