Tata Steel No More?

I don’t mean to sound insensitive but this whole thing with Tata Steel is so boring. This week in the news we have had to put up with people on television who don’t understand economics complaining about how unfair it is that the British steel industry is going down the toilet. This includes the shadow chancellor John McDonnell who is, as far as I can tell – a moron.

The government seems like they would rather not buy it. I have some sympathy. I’m pretty sure after the budget fiasco which saw Ian Duncan Smith resign, George Osbourne would rather not add the purchase of a company losing a million pounds a day to his CV.

But that has not stopped George Osbourne poorly performing a speech – claiming to have come to rescue the situation by putting it on the agenda in a meeting; maybe. A meeting that will draw the conclusion: we have just got to look busy on this issue until X Factor begins and the people stop talking about it.

Do we really think this man cares that lots of people in wales will lose their jobs? All Osbourne will be thinking of is himself and how little he will be paying for a prostitute next time he finds himself in south wales.

Of course it is sad news for the steel workers, but I do think they should be trying to come to terms with some the economic realities of the world and not appealing to a government who doesn’t care much for them. It’s all very Oliver Twist.

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