NXT TakeOver: Dallas – This is Wrestling History

During WrestleMania week,  NXT took aim and tried to steal the show, a tall order but they have thrown down the gauntlet because Shinesuke Nakamuri vs Sami Zayn might be the greatest thing I’ve ever seen.20160311_1920x1080_NXTTakeover_Dallas_match_ZaynNakamura_Sponsor--01c876f8d26fbd5fe78b9297c9d117b1

Last Friday NXT TakeOver: Dallas kicked off the action for the Wrestlemania Weekend and did not disappoint. The stand out however was Shinesuke Nakamuri’s WWE debut. A remarkable achievement really considering I had never heard of him before. I’ve heard of him now and I wont be forgetting his name any time soon.

The pre match promotion was uncomplicated, simply a statement of Nakamuri is coming seemed to be the theme and that was enough to put a bulge in the sweatpants of all the hardcore wrestling fans.

I don’t know much about Sami Zayn but I have seen enough of him to know the fans like him – demonstrated by the huge pop he gets whenever he arrives in the ring. It’s not hard to see why Sami gets over with the crowd, all you have to do is look at them. Sami Zayn looks like every other neck-beard fan boy in attendance, he is one of them – except he can actually wrestle.

I’d never seen or heard of Nakamuri before but boy do the crowd love him. They shook the bricks and mortar of the building at TakeOver: Dallas with Chants of NAKAMURI before his music even hit.

He arrivds on stage a  silhouette, with strange camp movement until he walks into the light and the crowd erupted. When he reached the ring and the lights come up the fans respond with a HOLLY SHIT chant, a chant usually only reserved for someone falling 10 feet through a table that is on fire. Nakamuri gets one for his mere presence in the ring. He hadn’t even taken off his jacket.

Screenshot (195)

This guy must be special but why? He’s not someone I’d look at and think he’s cool. Frankly he looks like a weirdo – prancing around the ring like some fashion-show-cat-walk-camp-fan-boy who calls everyone darling! But 10 thousand people were up on the feet screaming for every moment he was in the ring with Sami Zayn.

The two wrestlers finally face-off in the ring, Nakamuri looks directly in the camera and winks. He knows. He knows that I have got to watch this match now.

They started slow and teased the action and the crowd were loving every minute of it. My expectations couldn’t be set any higher and yet these boys delivered a great match. I can’t tell you what a great match technically is, all I can tell you is that it was the most entertaining thing I’ve seen for a long time.

Billied as The King of Strong Style, Nakamuri lived up to it. It may be a pro-wrestling match, the finish may be staged and some spots might be called but other than that this was a fight and Zayn and Nakamuri legitimately beat the tar out of each other. This is strong style, and these boys are great!

Watching the match seemed like witnessing wrestling history. The atmosphere that was created in the KBH Convention Centre is the sort of thing that has people talking about it for a very long time.

Screenshot (167)

There is only one thing that spoiled it. The crowd provide a great sound track but they look awful. A mass of neck beards and Xbox bellies and not one of them have brought a woman with them. Good luck to the wrestlers trying to get laid after the show. Nakamuri might do all right if he “lives the gimmick”.

It was only a few months ago NXT made history when Bailey took on Sasha Banks in an incredible IronMan Match and now I think Zayn and Nakamuri will join them.

NXT is putting on shows that are so good they are luring away geeks from the comfort of their WiFi equipped wanking caves and into the crowd of a live show. You would need a heart made of circuitry and wires to watch this and not think it looks great fun being there. I hate most of the human population and can’t think of anything worse that spending time amoungst 10 thousand of them, but even I wish I was there chanting NAKAMURI!

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