The Budget

It’s that time of year again when The Chancellor of the Exchequer stands up in parliament and announces how much pocket money the country will be getting this year. Coincidentally it’s also the time of year when I stop taking out my paper bins, choosing to stock pile it all just in case I’m forced to burn it all for warmth. One thing is for certain however – the budget will be bad news for someone.

It doesn’t help that George Osbourne is a rather unlikable character. All week on the news there has been speculation about what the budget might contain. My biggest problem with this is the clip that gets shown repeatedly of Osbourne outside number 10 with the red budget box. He looks like an android who has been told to recreate the scene from The Lion King with a brief case. Do you see that blank stare in his eyes? That is his software failing to produce empathy.

I think it is important to note that should Britain decide to leave the EU and go it alone in the world of economics, this man and his calculator would be at the helm. And if that happens? I only have one question – will I at least be able to afford some ketchup to go with the gruel I’ll be eating?

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